Welcome to Oliver’s Pharmacy

Welcome to Oliver's Pharmacy! We are super excited to present our website, created by Falmouth's own Yahjam Web Services.

Our website will keep you informed as to the latest that your favourite local pharmacy in Falmouth has to offer.

You may find out more about us, our history and the services we provide.

Visit us at our 26 Market Street location, or contact us through phone, email or simply use our contact form.

All contact info are provided on this page.

Thanks for visiting Oliver's Pharmacy! 🙂

About Oliver L

2 Responses to “Welcome to Oliver’s Pharmacy”

  1. Rodaina Essor

    Oliver is a loving, caring and compassionate person who is always giving a helping hand to persons in need. He always gives good advice and looks out for persons. Continue to do good and God bless you. Nuff Love


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26 Market Street (facing George's Street, at the corner of Falmouth Street).


Oliver Linton is the most popular pharmacist in Falmouth, Jamaica. He is known as a "people person" and is well loved throughout the community. He operates Oliver's Pharmacy, which is owned by his company, Oliver's Pharmacy Company Limited.


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